Dragons Nest - Watercolor painting process

The last few weeks were a bit slow for me and I hardly picked up a brush. So I needed something easy and without pressure. For this I still had a small piece of paper lying around, it’s about 10x10 cm. I started out with a random wash of colours, in this case a combination of Moonglow and Lunar Black from Daniel Smith. I created the small droplets by dropping water into the wet paint.

IMG_20190404_212740-01 (1).jpeg

I got a cup of tea and started staring at the piece, trying to envision what I wanted to do with it. I started to see hills and trees in most of the washes. But that wasn’t enough, I needed a point of interest. A castle on a hill would do. And thus the painting process began.


And the final result! On the places where I had dropped additional water to move the water out, I added the electric bubbles, or whatever they are. And I loved the granulation on the left side of the piece, so I left that alone.


This way of working has been heavily inspired by Stephanie Mui-Law. Check out her Patreon as well if you are interested in watercolor and this technique!

Interested in having this tiny painting as wall decoration? It’s still for sale! Please contact me for more information.