Exploring watercolor paper


Last months I have been working on these dragon pieces that are enveloped by nature.I worked on cold press before this and wanted to try out hot press paper so I started out with two or three pieces on some cheaper paper that I already owned. I really enjoyed the amount of detail I was able to obtain on the hot press paper, so I bought some higher quality.

I really noticed the difference in saturation of the colors and the flow of the paint on the paper and therefore, I decided to redo this piece and two others. I couldn’t find a picture for comparison from this piece (and since it’s already framed, not easy to make one) so here is a comparison of a different piece. See the difference in edges and colors?

Seeing those differences really encouraged me to start on this one. I traced the previous painting to the new paper and got started. I posted a little progress video below!



I think this is one of the younger dragons that just wanted a nice place to rest. As you can see, compared to the others, this one is not as enveloped by the landscape yet. Grass started growing on its back, but it’s more like a blanket. To me it feels like he didn’t want his head covered just yet, maybe he just wanted to take a nap. I will check back in a decade or so, to see how he has developed over time.